Seventh Month
in business. With $10K+ in profits

RockishInvestments is an organized investment group that offers high-yield saving accounts. Our accounts offer high-interest returns. We use your money to buy Stock Options. We trade with low risk although there may be loss of capital in any event.

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We have touched $5,000 on December 12th. The next goal is $15,000 by the end of December; We are no longer doing bonds and clients looking forward to opening savings accounts with us are required to deposit a minimum of $1,000 by the start of next year (2024).

We have touched $2,000 on July 21st. Next goal is $10,000 by December; Bonds are now being returned for 2000% interest back within a two-year term.

Saving Accounts

Seeking stable, but moderate-risk and high-return investments? You can open a savings account with us and we use your money to invest it in the global financial markets. We have returns up to 3-8% of your money every month.